The Call Is One

A fusion of spoken word, art and haunting undertones makes this track have a compelling pull and hold that feels enchantingly powerful. Echoed by a

Abrete Corazon

Where powerful words couple with vibrant beats to give you a new perception to life and a new sense of rebirth, this track’s powerful spell

What Does Magic Sound Like?

An eclectic track that sits as one of my crowning favourites, this time round this creative fusion is a blend of thought provoking ideas with


A story that will stand the test of time, this fusion of music, art and spoken word is a tribute, beautifully rooted in memories, discoveries

Thoughts On Hold

When music finds it’s perfect fit, this unplanned fusion of raw talent and powerful thought provoking words and vocals made this the perfect track, provoking

Raise Your Standards

It was such a magical experience watching this track all come together. It’s interesting how things fall perfectly into place without you even realising it.