The Story of Anima

October 29, 2021
by RobHough

The Story of Anima

This was my first venture into mythological story telling and definitely not my last. I took a 4 week intensive course in the Autumn of 2020 called ‘Mythos’, with Leah Lamb where we were empowered with guidance of Leah and our Souls to activate our mythic imagination, embodying our wholeness to engage the power of our life force. This particular story was inspired by an unexpected meeting with Amanita Muscaria one autumn’s day. Jogging through the woods in the Garden of Ireland I was only overjoyed to stumble across a banquet of this beautiful fungi. I am still processing the power of this meeting and the medicine it can provide but I’ll let the story speak for itself and perhaps come back to this again if people would like to know more.

If you are interested in Mythological Story telling do check what Leah Lamb is up to. This was an incredible, inspiring, creative and healing process dipping into this kind of story telling that has reshaped my perception of what myth is and its relationship to how we live.

Forgiveness is a greater understanding that does not occur instantaneously. It is the end result of a choice to not be held hostage by self-judgement, or resentment towards another. To begin, a healing process. True forgiveness therefore requires intention, attention and time.

Megan Blanchard

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