The Garden

January 7, 2021
by RobHough


Following up from this, way back now in 2019 , I was listening to a podcast and really felt stimulated after hearing this particularly excerpt which he closed with. I decided to put it over some of music over it.


It wasn’t until January 2020 where I revisited it and my friend Kelly. We were actually working on another track that day and ironically couldn’t find any flow with the piece we were working on. 3 hours must of passed and still nothing but both determined to recover something from the session we decided to pivot to this track. With a little over 15 minute’s left on the clock before Kelly had to shoot off, she improvised and knocked out some eleganty, touching vocal layers in 1 take. It was quite an emotional moment!


My intention is to return back to this when I feel a called and make a more dance floor friendly track. Can you hear it? :)


I published the track in February privately to my audience right before Covid erupted around the world. Each time I listen back to it feels more timely the messaging and very reflective of the what I see happening in the world.


Jamie Wheal is quite an inspirational guy all round doing incredibly important work out there. His mandate is about helping people  to level up their  productivity, vitality and connection so they can focus on what matters most in their lives and in the world.

If you like to learn more about Jamie Wheal and what he’s up to head on over to the Flow Genome Project.

Kelly Molloy – On vocals

The voice of Jamie Wheal – Sampling the closing narrative of a podcast.

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