"Rob is an inquisitive and interesting soul full of curiosity and interest in developing new methods for healing the mind."

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I recently attended an Amanita Tea Ceremony and workshop with Rob. I went because I had I was curious about the Amanita, it's ancient symbolism and it's medicinal uses. Rob gave an excellent presentation of the Amanita from oldest known shamanic uses to modern day interpretations of the mushroom. Overall, I found the workshop to be massively insightful, discovering much about the Amanita that I never knew before. I find it all really fascinating and highly recommend Rob's work with the Amanita to others 🍄

“If you’re even slightly curious about the world of amanita muscaria, you have to go foraging with Rob. My mother and I went on this journey together and it was SO much more than a simple ‘walk in the woods’. Rob made the whole experience deeply personal - He’s not just an expert; he’s passionate, warm, and made us feel like family. We came out of the experience not just with a basket of mushrooms, but a heart full of gratitude and a newfound respect for this mushroom. Trust me, don’t miss this. It’s a transformative experience that you and your loved ones will cherish forever!”

Rob and I are part of Karma Free an Artist collective that aims to find inner light through the arts.

We have collaborated in the past and have engaged in the beauty of creation and inspiration.

Rob is an inquisitive and interesting soul full of curiosity and interest in developing new methods for healing the mind. I cannot recommend Rob enough, he is very knowledgeable and interested in increasing the overall consciousness on this realm.

No doubt he will advance his methodology further afield. Looking forward to see and be part of his future endeavors as a coach, guide and healer.

Rob really helped me quit smoking! I wouldn’t have done it without him. His advice support and of course mushroom pills were invaluable. At times it felt like he was showing me how to slip out of handcuffs and walk free from a horrendous habit! My life is definitely healthier and happier since working with him. Keith Eustace

I would love to share my experience with Amanita muscaria. It's a beautiful and powerful medicine that has been very helpful on my journey. It has shed light on my path and helped me reorganise my thoughts. It's incredible how it enables you to see and feel life from a different perspective.

The acceptance of your existence becomes more meaningful, and your "evil" side, instead of being your enemy, becomes a friend whom you start to understand more and more, deriving benefits from walking side by side on your spiritual journey. You come to understand that God is within us and not just an entity apart. I have been working with Amanita alongside Rob for 2 months, and life has become much lighter since then.

Amanita has had a profound and transformative effect on my life. Juggling motherhood and working in a highly demanding job running a large company I found myself overwhelmed with life’s challenges and burned out. I reached out to Rob to explore Amanita. I found Robert to be very skilled and effective in his work with me.

His calm demeanor and disposition instantly put me at ease. Rob has a beautiful style of communicating, connecting and cutting to the heart of what is required. Through his support and guidance, I embarked on a wonderful journey of self-discovery. The Amanita Integration & Guidance Program has supported my creativity, problem solving and has supported me in a new and transformative relationship with myself … Thank you Rob 🙏🏻

I’m so happy since starting microdosing with Rob. He is so patient and giving of his time. He knows how to lead you in the right direction to help you get the most out of microdosing with this wonderful plant. Having used SSRI’s for the guts of a decade, I never thought I’d see the day where I’d healthily and happily come off of them. They were no longer helping me and I felt numb to my feelings and emotions. I knew something had to be done to feel more like myself. Since starting work with Amanita, my mind is now much calmer, I can do more than I’ve ever been able to but now with EASE! My stress rate has significantly reduced and I feel more like me again.

Overall this has helped me progress in both business and personal life and it’s been the most beneficial thing I could have done with myself to date! That says a lot from someone who has done countless months of work with counsellors, shamans and weekend retreats. Biggest thanks to Rob for your healing work and guidance. I am so thankful, finally I feel the best version of myself!

For anyone considering working with Rob he is so genuine, kind and true to his word. Start your journey now and like me you’ll feel like you’re back to your most fulfilled, honest & thriving self ❤️

As a woman in my 40s I was looking for a greater sense of purpose and to find that deeper connection with my soul. A friend recommended that I try the Amanita Programme through Robert. I had an instant connection with Robert and with the Amanita plant. My soul was longing for this journey and through Roberts support and wise insights I started to see huge improvements in my life. I returned to my love of singing and writing poetry. The colors have come back into my life and Amanita has shown me the truth of my own life …love and light from my soul to your soul Robert. You are a blessing to all you connect with 🤍

Thanks to the work with Rob, I have, first of all, figured out how to get into the flow state in a more organized fashion and I know what to do to stay there and I can stay there for much, much longer periods.
And it is in that flow state where real work gets done effectively and quickly without any stress or concerns.
Rob comes with such a heart-centered place. He will encourage you to delve deeper than you ever have before and to find these untapped wells of creativity and knowledge inside of you that you can use to build and to create whatever it is that you feel that your passion and purpose are bringing you towards in this lifetime.
Trust that you have this gold within you and it’s just a matter to work with somebody like Rob, who is so gifted, and so prepared, and has such a wealth of knowledge, destined to be shared with people who want to go deeper and want to connect with their passion and their purpose.

"When I first decided to take part with Rob's session, I had just arrived home after 11 years in Australia, I just walked back into a lockdown and I was very unsettled.
Then I lost my mum and then I lost my dad, but I come to this realization that I was serious lacking in direction and purpose and I was feeling extremely lost and vulnerable. I always had a desire to be creative but I could never quite connect with it. I've been so driven to succeed that I had my hand in so many pies that I had no clear direction. I've never done anything like this before. So I didn't know where to start.
So when Rob invited me to do a session I didn't hesitate to come on board. I've seen first hand the success he's had with his other clients and the incredible breakthroughs that they had so I knew it would be interesting and exciting.
Through Rob's creative mentorship, I have discovered how to access my flow state. I've always struggled to believe in myself and through the various tasks and exercises I've learned to become more honest with myself.
I actually found a lot of resistance with some of the exercises. But with Rob's patience and understanding, he helped guide me through the process. He helped me to streamline my goals and my values and help me learn to live with purpose. To stop being so hard on myself and believe in myself. Stop procrastinating. I'd recommend his sessions to anyone who is feeling in any way lost, or stuck or unmotivated or lacking in self-belief or creativity. Or you have all these skills and don't know what to do with them and you need some inspiration or direction or you just need that extra little nudge in the right direction, he's definitely the man for this job.
It has been an absolute blessing to go on his journey with Rob. I've learned invaluable lessons. And I'm so grateful for it. And I'm super excited to see what comes next."

"Rob has been coaching me now for the last few weeks in passion and purpose mainly, and other varieties of different things. But when I first met Rob I found him very easy to connect with, very grounded and for that I chose to work with him. Before I started doing the coaching work, I found myself a little bit stuck in my life, especially through the last year when everything was going on with this pandemic. I was looking for a little bit of direction in my life and what way to head and courses that I would embark on to give myself some passion and purpose so I could really implement my life skills into the work that I'd like to do.

So since I done the calls I noticed a big shift, I noticed this culture would be really beneficial to me, whereas before I may not have seen things. I may have been taken things for granted, I had a totally different perspective on them. But by walking one-to-one woth Rob it has opened up my eyes and my vision to what really is an offer and how to see things differently. Probably very stuck with ""I'm okay with what I have"" kind of a situation and not wanting to enlarge upon it.

Rob has a lovely energy and a well of knowledge in delivering his coaching skills and I'm very grateful for that because there's a real ease and flow that comes with the cause. It doesn't seem forced, he doesn't force any of his opinions or views, he just makes you kind of sit with it and look at it. It's been very beneficial and I'm going to continue to work with Rob over the next few weeks.

Since working with Rob I've also applied for a recovery coaching course myself, which I done a few years ago, to help people with alcoholism and addiction and back then I probably wasn't ready to pursue it. But now, doing this coaching lessons with Rob, it's made me really connect back in myself and made me feel I have something to offer. So maybe some person out there who's also looking for their recovery.

I'd highly recommend anybody who's looking for a little bit of direction and maybe a little bit of vision in their life, that they could walk with Rob. I feel anybody would be suitable for him.

So Rob, thanks so much for your input, your voice and your direction."

"I'm one of those people that you would call a creative. I paint, I write, I garden, I love upcycling and making things and now I'm getting involved in writing, singing and hopefully, production.

Unfortunately, I often don't finish what I start. And I also end up putting a lot of things that I really want to do on a back burner because I'm trying to finish the other projects that I started.

So, that's been my major problem. And thankfully, Rob came into all of this. When I found he was doing life coaching, I knew that that was going to be the solution for me.

It's helped put some structure into my process, it's helped me prioritize my time and also, now I have a daily practices to help me getting closer to my goals.

Rob is the kind of person that can create a relaxed atmosphere, a safe place, where you're able to just do the deep work and figure out what's not working for you."

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