Rise with Resilience Live –

January 24, 2021
by RobHough

Life is TOO SHORT to hide your Feelings. Don’t be afraid to SAY WHAT YOU FEEL!

In these profoundly interesting times, as science intersects with spirituality people are becoming more opened minded to concepts such as Synchronicity. Late in 2019, I launched this somewhat abstract creative arts project called SoulSync.Life. In one form, it is an evolving exploration into creatively communicating the transpersonal encounters I and others experience through a fusion of story, spoken word, music, art and video. Another is an experiment into surrendering to natures call, while intuitively trying to navigate meaning and sense of purpose through the resulting experience itself. Its been a wild exhilarating ride so far… but not without its challenges! I hit burn out at the dawn of 2020. The depth of what I had surrendered into was quite overwhelming and the fear got the better of me, almost giving up. I was unconsciously in denial of this for some time.This brought me up close and personal with my shadow allowing me to get more intimate with my fears, trying to understand how and why they show up. And while I don’t pretend to have all the answer’s, I do know I was missing resilience by not making fear my Ally! 2021 already feels lighter as a result of making this commitment to myself, something in the ether for sure perhaps responding to our collective emotions and desires. I know the abstract nature of the content I’m putting out is not everybody’s cup of tea and will make some people feel uncomfortable. I now realise caring too much about how I may be perceived is only feeding my fear. I know that my message comes from the heart but sometimes the head gets in the way and forgets. Last week, I stepped into my power, taking ownership of my voice and the experiences I feel called to share in this world with my 1st interview, then followed up a few days later with my first online live performance – an exploration into spoken word over my electronic music. It was a very enjoyable rewarding experience and I wanted to share this performance with you now. I stumble a little at the 1st story but I find my flow for the remaining two creations. In these creations, I dip into ideas and experiments I’ve experienced with the act of forgiveness, the obscure nature of nature, the power of belief and the mystery of existence itself. Set & setting is everything so if you do feel called to listen I’d suggest create some space in your day, distraction free for 30 minutes. Light a candle, get cosy! 

Here is the link to Youtube and alternatively Facebook. So in 2021, I’m getting more comfortable with the fear, letting go of what others think, trusting that the sentiment of my art will speak for itself and travel to those who feel drawn towards it for healing, inspiration or simply just to feel joy. The symbology of my creations swims in much deeper waters than is possible to conceptually explain…. And perhaps its supposed to be this way. Perhaps the deeper meaning that may present itself to you in this content is transient and can only be felt, each unique to us all. With Love, Sincerity and Intention,I invite you to ‘Rise with Resilience’Rob Ps. Please share with anybody you think may enjoy this experience and your feedback is always welcome.

About Rob Anthony

A  Norse Sea Farer, Cambridge Candle Maker, Self Suppressed Poet, Who buried his treasure Or so I’ve been told….

But that was then and this now!

 Guided by a series of synchronicities, I made a daring leap in 2018, giving up a steady paycheck from marketing in the corporate world,

to explore something completely different where my soul felt called.

I have developed a keen interest in Depth Psychology with a desire to understand the trans personal experiences that happen to me. And within this at its core is a calling from within and beyond the veil. I feel compelled to make a difference in this world, through creative means which has spurred the unfolding and exploration of my expression through ‘Soul Sync’. 

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