Embarking on a Mycological Journey: A Tribute to My Inspirations

Inspirations in the World of Amanita Muscaria: People & Resources


Embarking on a Mycological Journey: A Tribute to My Inspirations

Welcome to a space where I share the influences that have shaped my journey with Amanita Muscaria over the past three years. This page is a tribute to the mentors, educators, and resources that have guided, supported, and enlightened me in understanding and working with this fascinating mushroom. Discover the stories and wisdom that have been pivotal in my exploration. To delve deeper into my personal journey with Amanita Muscaria, click here to learn more.

Guiding Lights in My Amanita Adventure

Vadim Strutzenko

  • Title: Mentor and Guide in Amanita Muscaria
  • Contribution: Vadim, a figure of profound wisdom and grounded knowledge, has been instrumental in my understanding of Amanita Muscaria. His mentorship, through the 2022 Journal program and one-on-one sessions, has been transformative, deepening my consciousness and aiding in overcoming personal challenges.
  • Recent Collaboration: I was honoured to host Vadim as the lead guide in what could be Ireland’s first modern Amanita Muscaria deep study.
  • Upcoming Endeavours: Eagerly awaiting his soon-to-be-launched online course.
  • Discover More: Vadim Strutzenko’s YouTube Channel.

Amanita Dreamer

  • Title: Advocate and Educator in Amanita Muscaria
  • Contribution: A prominent online figure, Amanita Dreamer has played a pivotal role in expanding knowledge and awareness about Amanita Muscaria. Her workshops, both online and in-person, are enriching and inspirational.
  • Featured Work: Highly recommend her insightful book, ‘Dosing Amanita’.
  • Learn More: Explore ‘Dosing Amanita’.

Baba Masha, M.D.

  • Title: Scientific Perspective on Amanita Muscaria
  • Contribution: Baba Masha’s book is a must-read for anyone seeking a scientifically-backed understanding of Amanita Muscaria. The book reflects on an international study with over 3,000 volunteers, showcasing the mushroom’s potential in health, creativity, and sports performance.
  • Recommended Reading: Find the book here.

Local Wisdom and Practical Insights

Courtney Tyler – Hips and Haws

  • Title: Workshop Facilitator and Amanita Expert
  • Contribution: My experiences with Courtney Tyler’s workshops have been nothing short of enlightening. Her profound knowledge about Amanita Muscaria and other medicinal mushrooms is impressive.
  • Personal Experience: The serene Ealu, by Blessington Lakes, provided the perfect setting for my third workshop with Courtney, each a journey into the mushroom world.
  • Special Mention: Courtney’s expertise in using Amanita tinctures for healing, notably in her personal experience with Sciatica.
  • Website: Visit Hips and Haws

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