Now is the Answer

An eclectic journey that reunited me with my love for music, creation and flow, Now is the Answer. Have a listen to this fusion of music, art, spoken word and magic that all came together through a series of synchronicities and magical collaborations with likeminded creators.

The Call is One Feat. Claire Falconer

Composer: Rob Hough

Sound engineer: Radoslav Hristov

Songwriter: Rob Hough

Spoken Word: Claire Falconer

Backing Vocals: Sandra Kwiatkowska

What does Magic Sound like?

Featuring Daithi & Dee

  • "What Does Magic Sound Like_".


  • "Sempervivum Original(with Spoken word)".

Thoughts on Hold

Featuring Maria Marchenko

  • "Thoughts on Hold (feat. Mariia)".

Hill of Tara & Wicklow

A live performance at the Solstice Convergence Gathering

Abrete Corazon

Featuring Clodagh Whelan

  • "Abrete Corazon(master)1.6".

Kill The Cancer

Featuring Daithi, Aine and Sandra

  • "Soul Sync - Kill the cancer 3.1 (master)v1.1".


Featuring Kevin Morrissey

  • "Shalom-Master v1.1-1".

The Garden

  • "Garden of Eden".