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6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Aug 20 2022


Djouce Outdoors
Djouce Outdoors, Crossroads, Ballinastoe, Roundwood, Co. Wicklow, A98 W5C3

After the success of our recent inaugural outdoor dance event at Victors Way with ‘Create or Die’ we are excited to Announce the next episode…

THE CALL IS ONE’ – another eclectic gathering of open minded souls – in song and dance, healing through sound and music, all as one.

This integrative arts and medicinal event will take place at the beautiful fields of Turquoise Cafe in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains.

A light invitation to explore the core of our existence, contemplate the reasons why we are tuning into mother earth’s calling, finding the answers together.

Join us on another reflective journey, connecting to these words of creative impulse, celebrating a deeper wisdom and power speaking through each of us, feeling the ground under our feet, connecting to Mother Earth’s Heartbeat. Invoking the Tribal in you to ecstatic Dance, the drum beats will be spiralling. Allow the healing sounds of the magical gongs and crystal bowls to immerse deeply within, nurturing each one of you with her healing tones.

This is the Time of collective experience, infused with Unconditional Love and Celebration!

Artist and Visionary, Clare Falconer will be gracing us with a live performance of spoken word over songs ‘The Call is One’ and ‘Magnet Impulse’ produced by Rob Hough (SoulSync.Life)

We will have Sound Artist & Mindfulness teacher Chloe of Sonas Sounds stimulating our senses into a deep meditative Sacred Sound Journey.

We will have Live percussion in the evening. More information on this very shortly.

There will be an offering to experience the energy of both earth’s natural medicines ‘Cacao’ and ‘Amanita tea’ (at a Micro dose level).

The remainder of the evening will encompass a journey with voice, dance and music creating spaciousness for you to explore and expand.

As Ingrid shares the floor with you, holding space through the movement and Rob weaves his seductive beats, Live Percussion (TBA) will fuel your primal instincts and induce us into a hypnotic flow.

More updates coming shortly….

Event Highlights

  •  Ecstatic Dance

  • DJ Set

  • Immersive Sound Journey

  • Spoken Word

  • Live Percussion

  • Cacao & Amanita Ceremony

  • Healthy Snacks

This is strictly a non – alcoholic event.

Early Bird 44e (Limited)

Late Bird 60e  (Limited)

Location: Djouce Outdoors, Ballinastoe Crossroads, Carriggower, Roundwood, Co. Wicklow, A98 W5C3

 Rob & Ingrid

Your Hosts

Rob & Ingrid TreeRob and Ingrid, bring their loving ‘Sunday Solas’ energy to the Garden county,  inviting you to join them in a free flow dance experience to connect with yourself on this ‘create or die’ dancefloor. 

They will guide you through this journey with voice, dance and music creating spaciousness for you to explore. Ingrid shares the floor with you, holding space through the movement while Rob weaves his seductive beats, tribal rhythms and alchemizes the space with sounds that will invigorate the Soul.

Rob Anthony is a DJ, Music Producer and Life Coach at He  thrives on turning his passion into purpose by inspiring others to unlock their true potential harnessing the powers of collaboration, synchronicity and flow.

Ingrid Zygute is an artist and a dance practitioner. Her dance practice is for those who wish to expand their self-awareness. She welcomes everyone to be authentic and express freely with no fear or any self judgement.

Music: – Sacred / Tribal / Soul / Funk / House / Nu  Disco / Ethereal / Electronic / Indie

Claire Falconer

Artist & Visionary

‘All things are correlated in ways beyond our wildest imaginings. We are each part of one another and part of the cosmos. Time is circular rather than linear. Our separation, our alienation from each other, is an illusion.’

Claire Falconer is an Irish visionary artist working predominantly in oils to create contemplative, ethereal paintings. Her works seem at once ancient and modern, an alchemy of colour, blended, layered and subtly glazed, reflecting a sense of mystery and sensuality.


Sonas Sounds

Immersive Sound Creations

Drawing on ancient practices and modern research into the effects of sound and vibration, Sonas sounds create unique and poignant immersive experiences. 

This is non-active participation, where invitation is to take a journey like no other. Using a combination of Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls and gong, you will have an immersive sonic experience.

Held by the vibration, safe and secure, this is a time for deep listening. For each, it is individual and unique. The effects may be deeply profound, stimulating and/ or relaxing, meditative and/ or intense.


Izabela Nurkowska 

Fire Dancer

Izabela Nurkowska has been exploring the art of body movement and meditation for over 15 years. Her personal training led her from the Shaolin Temple in China to the Poi discipline of New Zealand. She has participated in many workshops and  festivals around the world. She continues Kung Fu training in Ireland with Shifu Yan Xin, the leader of the legendary Wheel of Life Shaolin Show. She is a founder of Flow studio Dublin and certified Spin Poi instructor. 

Mohamad Eiad Almobaied

Handpan music

Hello beautiful beings, I am a lucky human being living on a magical planet called “earth” and my mission is to share heartfelt moments and bring peace to peoples minds. I was born in Damascus and lived and travelled in Arabia, Asia and Europe over the last 30 years of my life. I studied medicine, and worked expanding my practice to involve plant medicine, nutrition, neuroscience and sound healing. As a child, drums and percussion were a favourite tool of mine to unwind and enjoy.  My favourite instrument has been the RAV VAST steel drum which can be an amazing tool for transformation, and energetic healing. It produces long and sustained vibrations if listened to carefully and can restore our minds’ focus back into reality.

Kevin Sexton

Live Percussion

Kevin likes to express himself through words, the voice, rhythms, visual art and music.

He played with a world drumming group, before switching genres towards Irish Traditional Music playing the Tin Whistle,  Low Whistles and Bodhran.  He has created home-made drums and percussion instruments and has facilitated drumming workshops.


Noel Shelly


From museum and gallery photography in London and Paris, to the fashion houses of Milan, Noel’s photographic practice has
taken him throughout Europe.

Having recently produced a portrait of Peruvian culture in Cuzco,
Noel then travelled back to London to work with dancers and
movement artists from the Royal Ballet and contemporary
companies such as LSC, Trinity Laban and Rambert.
This particular body of work spanned 5 years and led to an
exhibition in London alongside a number of fine artists and

Noel has worked for artists such as Damien Hirst, Bridget Riley,
Gilbert & George and The Chapman Brothers.
Since arriving in Ireland to digitise the collection of Trinity
College, Noel has worked in collaboration with the artists of Ballet
Ireland and Irish Modern Dance Theatre. 

‘We are here to evolve beyond our separation.

We are the whole universe.’

– Stuart Wilde

Vibes and Sounds from last event 'Create or Die'

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