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Feb 21 2021


11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Gratitude Sharing Circle Honouring Plant Medicines & Psychedelics

Update: Link to Recording Can be found Here.

Working together this weekend, with the movement, #ThankYouPlantMedicine our intention is for the de-stigmatisation of psychoactive plant medicines and psychedelics, and their responsible integration into mainstream society.

Seven Soul Warriors shared incredible heartfelt stories on our call this morning about the healing and transformation they have experienced with these medicinal plants.

I’m humbled by their courage to answer this call, to make their contribution and even more bowled over by each of their unique stories that many of you will be able to relate to.

Folks… this is deep, raw and emotional…… but inspiring and fills me with hope that someday soon in the future there will be no stigma attached and people can express themselves freely, with no judgement!

If you would like to find out more about the movement head over to the homepage.






Greetings friends,

I’m hosting a very special Gratitude Sharing circle honouring Plant Medicines and Psychedelics.

Working together, with the movement, #Thank you Plant Medicine we wish for the de-stigmatisation of psychoactive plant medicines and psychedelics, and their responsible integration into mainstream society.

It will take place this Sunday the 21st of February on Zoom, which will be streamed live in partnership with #THPM.

Plant Medicines have changed my life and I’d love to hear how they have changed yours.

Would you like to share your story?

At the moment we are currently 5 strong collective of friends and looking to invite other like minded souls to share with us.

These circles are happening all over the world, and it is a wonderful opportunity to come together with the ‘Thank you Plant Medicine community’ to share our experiences of Plant Medicines, and the changes they have brought us in our lives.

We usually only hear the negative stories in the media, and for many our lives have changed dramatically because of Plant Medicines, so it’s important we share our transformational experiences and be uplifted and inspired.

I am  looking to confirm final numbers by this Saturday the 20th 11pm (GMT). If you are interested please have a read through the attached, review the documents and watch the following video on how to safely decide how to come out.

Story sharing will be kept to 5 mins for each person to ensure everyone has the time to share their story.

I understand this is very short notice, as we only decided to take part in this event in recent days.

Last year I felt called to share some of my story publicly if you want to tune into this here.

Link to Live Stream can be found here at 11AM GMT.

If you would like to share your gratitude and uplifting story please email me at with your name and I will add you to the list.

The length of the call will be maximum 90 minutes but depending on numbers it could be shorter.

Here is some additional info from the organisers:

  • This year our theme is “How has plant medicine or psychedelics helped you in your relationships?”
  • Please ask everyone to use the hashtag #ThankYouPlantMedicine
  • On Feb 20th we will have an 8h livestream featuring many remarkable leaders in the space, starting around 10AM ET, a share would be thoroughly appreciated!
  • On Feb 17th or 18th, we will be publishing the full calendar of all the sharing circles that the community can participate in on the 20th.

You can get the full details of the movement on their website.

Looking forward to sharing this gratitude circle with you!

With Love and gratitude,




“Working together, in gratitude, for the de-stigmatisation of psychoactive plant medicines and psychedelics, and their responsible integration into mainstream society.“

We dream of a world where these substances are free from stigma and discrimination, for personal and collective healing.

We are organising global waves of gratitude on every February 20th,  calling on people to “come out” with their stories of healing and transformation on that day, using the hashtag #ThankYouPlantMedicine.

Let’s raise awareness and end the stigma.”

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