Magnetic Impulse

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Dec 21 2021


9:00 pm - 9:30 pm




Online Event
  The Dreamer,  The Optimist,  The Fantasist  (And Maybe) The Realist in me,  is wondering, pondering, imagining, asking myself, asking you….. Are we on the cusp of  ‘THE CROSSING OF THE RETURN THRESHOLD?’  This Solstice is going to be potent for honoring a time of great change!!! Join myself, Claire Falconer and Dan Huynh for this Celebration and LAUNCH of on Instagram.  A WINTER SOLSTICE to remember – where we will be planting seeds of hope,  lighting a fire of pure magic and intention – creatively exploring through the medium of spoken word & music – embracing the darkness with  piercing light through this Awakening Solstice. On this expedition my dear friend and fellow ambassador at MindValley, ‘Dan Huynh’ from Montreal, will be gracing us with her exquisite ethereal voice alongside my dear artist friend ‘Claire Falconer’ from Fermanagh, who will bring the passion and fervour as she always does to the stage. Deep rooted wisdom shall be shared from both these ladies with their word craft and mystic allure!  Proceedings for our performance will commence at 9PM on Instagram and will finish in or around 9.30PM Follow Kindly share this special event! Big Love Rob