24 Hour Global Mermaid Healing Meditation

The event is finished.


Dec 11 - 12 2021


10:00 pm - 10:00 pm




Online Event
24 Hours of Meditation & Healing for Christina Hepburn
We invite you to join our community for an inspired 24 hours of meditation across the globe. We dedicate this time in honor of our dear mermaid friend Christina Hepburn who has been diagnosed with stage 4 Triple Negative Breast Cancer, that is unlikely to be curable by standard clinical treatments.
Participants around the globe can join the livestream at exactly 11am – 12 pm their LOCAL TIME, however the Livestream is ongoing and will start on DEC 11th at 2 pm PST and ends at Dec 12th 2 pm PST – Pacific Standard Time. Everyone is welcome to join the meditation during any time zone during this 24 hour time span.
The purpose of these 24 hours of meditation is to embody love and healing energy for Christina. We have launched the Gofundme page to give Christina the chance to survive.
Our Global Mermaid Healing Circle consists of 
● 38 Ambassadors + Mindvalley members from all around the world 
● More than 36 types of offering with pure rare gems of meditations 
● 3 Healing Musical Performances 
● 2 writing workshops 
… and much more!!!
I will be performing a familiar healing song of mine and story which has been requested specifically by the organiser Dan. I will also be birthing in something new, something magnetic, something a little ecstatic – a creation that beckons the listener to step into the imaginary realm of infinite possibility beyond the confines of the rational to plant a seed of hope. 

Joining me on this expedition will be the host of this 24 hour mediation who always gives the most; Dan Huynh from Montreal, fellow friend and ambassador at MindValley will be gracing us with her exquisite ethereal voice alongside my dear artist friend Claire Falconer, from Fermanagh who will bring the passion and fervour as she always does to the stage. 

Deep-rooted wisdom will be shared from both these ladies with their wordcraft and intention. I was thrilled to introduce them both for the first time on Thursday night where we did our 1st practice together over zoom and WOW….. it was pure joy to hear their enchanted contrasting voices weave so well together alongside the free-flowing music which I performed and will be doing for this song.
For full program information click Global Mermaid Healing Circle Program.