Create or Die

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Jun 25 2022


6:30 am - 10:30 pm


Victors Way


Victors Way
Mullinaveige, Co Wicklow



Are you Consciously Creating Your Life?


Are you letting Life’s Circumstances Create you?

In the Garden county of Ireland, there is a magical contemplative space, called ‘Victors Way’ where one is nudged to step out of their philosophical box and explore thought provoking questions.

Regardless of where you are on the proverbial path of life, we invite you to join us in the ritual of dance, meditation, movement, and connection with one’s self and other.

Rituals can be a powerful tool to seed an intention and to find answers with clarity and truth. 

Insight and ideas can be born and invoked in such sacred settings, initiated through the language of dance, alchemised by the vibration of sound, complemented by the Earth’s medicine and always, in that loop, connected with others.

On the 25th of June, in the illuminated portal of Summer Solstice,  we are organizing a very special gathering called ‘Create or Die’. It will be taking place on the grounds of  ‘Victors Way’ where we’ll be putting on a show to create an experience that will be empowering  you to find your inner treasure.

Your hosts, Rob and Ingrid (of Sunday Solas) will be bringing their creative and loving energy to begin the evening with a warm welcome, introduction and intention setting. 

Healer, poet and activist ‘Laura Murphy’, will then gently ease us into a ‘Cacao Ceremony and Imbas Invocation’ with guided mediation and spoken word. 

Following this, we have the all powerful talented Digerdoo Wizard – ‘Marcin Stanek‘, gracing us with a deep shamanic sound journey. 

There will be an offering from Rob and Ingrid to experience the energy of the ‘Amanita Muscaria’ mushroom medicine, before they guide you for the remainder of the evening through a journey with voice, dance and music creating spaciousness for you to explore and expand. 

As Ingrid shares the floor with you, holding space through the movement and Rob weaves his seductive beats, Fire performer Izabella Nurkowska will enchant us with her ‘Wheel of Life Show’ setting off sparks of imaginative flow.

And last but not least, there will be a Live Performance of Rob & Laura’s (featuring Roo Elizabeth) new track ‘One Star Awake’ to coincide with the launch of their single release on the Summer Solstice.

We are excited to invite you to this special gathering, where we will  infuse you with our love, invoking the power of Imbas Forosnai, the Illuminated Inspiration of seer-poets of ancient Ireland.

Create or Die


Free Flow Dance
DJ Set
Shamanic Sound Journey
Fire Performance


Cacao Ceremony and Imbas Invocation
Sacred Amanita Tea & Healthy Snacks


This is strictly a non – alcoholic event.


Early Bird 33e (Ends Friday 10th)
Late Bird 44e
Victors Way, Mullinaveige, Co. Wicklow


There will be a limit on Early Bird Tickets so book early to avoid disappointment.
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 Rob & Ingrid

Your Hosts

Rob & Ingrid TreeRob and Ingrid, bring their loving ‘Sunday Solas’ energy to the Garden county,  inviting you to join them in a free flow dance experience to connect with yourself on this ‘create or die’ dancefloor. 

They will guide you through this journey with voice, dance and music creating spaciousness for you to explore. Ingrid shares the floor with you, holding space through the movement while Rob weaves his seductive beats, tribal rhythms and alchemizes the space with sounds that will invigorate the Soul.

Rob Anthony is a DJ, Music Producer and Life Coach at He  thrives on turning his passion into purpose by inspiring others to unlock their true potential harnessing the powers of collaboration, synchronicity and flow.

Ingrid Zygute is an artist and a dance practitioner. Her dance practice is for those who wish to expand their self-awareness. She welcomes everyone to be authentic and express freely with no fear or any self judgment.

Music: – Sacred / Tribal / Soul / Funk / House / Nu  Disco / Ethereal / Electronic / Indie

Laura Murphy

Cacao Ceremony and Imbas Invocation


Laura Laura Murphy is an activist, healer and Poet in Residence for Herstory; the movement telling stories of modern, historic and mythical women. 

Laura is a passionate campaigner for Ireland’s Mother and Baby home survivors and other issues surrounding equality, environmental and social healing in Ireland, including the recent successful campaign to make Brigid’s Day a national holiday. 

 Laura’s work is centred around the ancient Irish poetic practice of ‘Imbas Forosnai’. Imbas Forosnai means ‘Inspiration that Illuminates’. Comparable to the Buddhist concept of ‘Enlightenment’ or contemporary ‘Flow-State’, Imbas Forosnai is said to be a gift of the Goddesses Boann and Brigid. It was a practice mastered and used by the ancient poets of Ireland to bring healing to society and truth to power. 


Shamanic Sound Journeys


  Marcin aka DidgeridooWizard is a Musician, DJ and Certified Sound Therapist.

Music and sound is and always was an integral part of his life. 

Since teenage years he was fascinated with the Didgeridoo, sound synthesis and vibrational nature of sound. 

This passion brought him to the world of Sound Healing, conscious and intentional use of sound frequencies and sonic vibrations to induce and support the healing process. 

He has spent years studying how different sound frequencies can induce certain states of consciousness and put the mind and body into total relaxation.

He has explored and experienced how sound, movement, breath and voice can help us to move and release energies, memories and emotions stored deeply on a cellular level in our bodies. 

Alongside this, he has been studying the shamanic approach to the use of sound, breath, movement and intention. 

As Elemental Sound, he holds space for Deep Shamanic Sound Journeys leading participants through the soundscapes with didgeridoo, shamanic drums, gongs, flutes, singing bowls, bells and combines them with sounds of Nature.

 Music is my Medicine


Izabela Nurkowska Fire Dancer


Izabella  Founder of Flow Studio in Dun Laoghaire where she spreads her passion for Flow Arts.


Noel Shelly


Noel Shelly

From museum and gallery photography in London and Paris, to
the fashion houses of Milan, Noel’s photographic practice has
taken him throughout Europe.

Having recently produced a portrait of Peruvian culture in Cuzco,
Noel then travelled back to London to work with dancers and
movement artists from the Royal Ballet and contemporary
companies such as LSC, Trinity Laban and Rambert.
This particular body of work spanned 5 years and led to an
exhibition in London alongside a number of fine artists and

Noel has worked for artists such as Damien Hirst, Bridget Riley,
Gilbert & George and The Chapman Brothers.
Since arriving in Ireland to digitise the collection of Trinity
College, Noel has worked in collaboration with the artists of Ballet
Ireland and Irish Modern Dance Theatre. He has also
photographed with the Dublin Fire Community, documenting
events and festivals alongside the best performers of Irish circus.
Noel’s portrait and documentary photography invites the viewer
to engage with the subject, with subtle storytelling, humanity and
a cinematic sensibility.

Photography from our last event ‘ Create or Die’ 

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Rob & Ingrid

Rob & Ingrid Arklow by the sea

May the Dance be your Prayer

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