Amanita Tea Ceremony – Imbas, Art and Shamanic Inspiration

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Oct 15 2023


10:30 am - 12:00 am
Lisnavagh House


Lisnavagh House

Experience the Magic Within: Amanita Tea Ceremony Workshop at Hidden Hearth Festival

Unlocking Imbas, Artistry, and Shamanic Insights

Welcome to Hidden Hearth Festival, where the tapestry of creativity,  wisdom, and well-being unfolds. Amidst this enchanting gathering, we invite you to uncover the hidden realms of your inner world through our captivating workshop:

Amanita Tea Ceremony: Imbas, Art, and Shamanic Inspiration

Hidden Hearth, nestled within the serene Lisnavagh House, invites you to dive deep into the ancient traditions of Amanita Muscaria mushroom and the rich tapestry of Irish shamanism. Within this workshop, we embark on a journey that explores the profound interconnectedness of art, ritual, and shamanic wisdom.

Festival Highlights:

Hidden Hearth is a two-day celebration where we bid farewell to the outward half of the year, embracing the transition to the introspective months ahead. It’s a time to reflect on the abundance of the brighter seasons, release what no longer serves us, and nourish our spirits.

At the heart of Hidden Hearth lies a vibrant mosaic of artistic expressions, including music, visual art, poetry, engaging discussions, mesmerizing performances, and handcrafted treasures. This festival is not only a celebration but also a sanctuary—a place where you can retreat from the bustling world and reconnect with nature.

Holistic Transformation:

The festival offers an array of holistic workshops and classes designed to nurture your body, mind, and spirit as we transition into the changing season. These sessions provide support and inspiration, empowering individuals to take proactive steps in addressing climate change.

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The Amanita Tea Ceremony Workshop:

Nestled within the enchanting ‘Visioneire’ – The Stables at Lisnavagh House, our workshop delves into the wisdom of Amanita Muscaria mushroom. Explore its historical significance in the practices of our Irish ancestors, its potential roles in shamanic rituals, and it’s intriguing connection to Imbas Forasnai.

The workshop unfolds with an enlightening talk, offering insights into the ancient knowledge held by Amanita Muscaria. Following this, we come together for a ceremonial Amanita tea ritual, a bridge to the mystical realms of shamanic experience. As the tea takes hold, our senses awaken, and we prepare to embark on a journey of self-expression and artistic discovery.

Guided by experienced facilitators Rob Hough and Maria Johnson, our free-flowing art workshop allows your creativity to flow freely onto canvas or paper. The altered state of consciousness induced by the tea becomes the catalyst for a unique form of artistic expression—one that is deeply personal and spiritually connected.

Join Us at Hidden Hearth:

Hidden Hearth is your opportunity to embrace the magic within and connect with a vibrant community that celebrates creativity, wisdom, and well-being. Join us for the Amanita Tea Ceremony Workshop and ignite the flames of inspiration within you.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the mystical, to unlock hidden dimensions of creativity, and to discover the profound connection between art and shamanic wisdom. At Hidden Hearth, the journey within is just as magical as the world around us.

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Rob Hough: Your Guide to Amanita Wisdom

Rob Hough is your shamanic journey guide and experienced Amanita Muscaria enthusiast. With a deep passion for unlocking the potential of this ancient mushroom, Rob brings a wealth of knowledge to help you explore its transformative power. Join him in discovering the magic of Amanita at our workshop.

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Amanita Consultation and Coaching Service: Dive deeper into the world of Amanita Muscaria with Rob Hough’s personalized consultation and coaching service. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or new to the experience, Rob will guide you on your journey, ensuring it’s safe, insightful, and transformative. Connect with Rob to begin your exploration of Amanita’s potential.

Mindful Microdosing Masterclass: Ready to unlock the secrets of mindful microdosing? Join us for an enlightening masterclass where you’ll learn the art of conscious microdosing with Amanita Muscaria. Rob Hough will lead you through this immersive experience, providing insights, guidance, and practical tools for a safe and transformative microdosing journey. Sign up for details on our upcoming masterclass.