Creative Flow Coaching

From a MindValley ambassador

Unlock your creative thinking!

The creative process is a unique challenge. And creative people need a special kind of support. 


Don’t know where to start?

  • Are you letting your life fade away?
  • Do you need to build your confidence in your creative abilities?
  • Do you wish to create positive change in all areas of your life?

Where to begin you might be wondering? So many ideas, so little time…

From one creative to another, I can relate to the problems you are likely encountering. I’ve suffered from mental blocks, limiting beliefs, feeling overwhelmed, you name it, I’ve experienced it.

I get it, I’ve been there many a times, suppressing my creative urges, allowing limiting beliefs to hold me back, frustrated at my lack of motivation and much more. I eventually did something about it and took that necessary leap of faith when I realised I could turn my limitations into opportunities. 

I stumbled across the flow state and became obsessed with understanding how I could get my biology working better for me even with the limitations that encumbered my energy. I started to redesign my life and as a result I have found greater happiness, health and balance in all aspects of my life. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the benefits gained from tapping into my creative being. 

What is Creativity Coaching?

My creativity coaching is designed to purely support the creative souls who have the courage to take the leap and follow their craft. The creative path is not an easy one where many issues are encountered along the way, both inner blocks and external constraints. My creative flow coaching helps you navigate the inevitable bumps along the way.

A creativity coach asks you to step up to the plate, live a vital, authentic life.

Creativity IS for everyone

Some people are more naturally inclined to creative thinking, however I believe everyone needs and can benefit from creativity, no matter what domain you work in or what your dreams are. I work with people who typically identify as creatives (musicians, artists, writers and actors) but anyone who wants to improve themselves or their life can benefit from creativity coaching.

Are you someone who wants to recover or rediscover the creative that wants to come out to play?

Creative Thinking can Change the World

And let's be honest…The world is in need of many changes now more than ever it would seem. Creative thinking is what causes us to question the status quo, identify problems, and find innovative ways to create positive change. Problems aren’t solved and the future isn’t created without rich creativity. Creativity is vital to individuals, families, communities, and the world at large. So there is plenty of room for future creatives like you to expand and improve upon existing ideas.

My process will be tailored to you

Each person will come to me at various stages of their Journey looking for help with their life goals. This will typically involve us going deeper together to unearth what it is that might be preventing you from reaching your goals and subsequently actualising your full potential. 

Creating goals is great, following through on them is the desired effect, but figuring out what stops us from completing goals in the first place is arguable where the real value lies, that this coaching work provides. 

I take a holistic approach when working with my clients on their life purpose. I will work with you to help you explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may be in the way of you reaching your goals or creating a life purpose.

Over a number of sessions we will explore together what it is that you want to bring into your life. We do this initially by getting clear on our values and strengths as these are foundational to living a life of purpose. From there, we’ll identify what your vision might be, looking more at what is meaningful and exciting for you.

Benefits of Creative Flow Coaching with me

  • Access to my 20+ years in the creative trenches; working, studying, playing and experimenting with the creative process
  • Learn to stack up your Motivators so you get more done in less time
  • Understand what your flow triggers in order to get your biology working best for you
  • Learn to embrace your fears and see them as friendly guides
  • Coincidence and Self Esteem will improve once you begin to find your flow in doing the work
  • You will have the support and encouragement of a trusted coach
  • You will be able take advantage of my marketing expertise to bring your project to the public
  • You will have someone to help you understand the signs and synchronicities that will inevitable appear on the path once you begin to take action
  • You will build important creative habits along the journey one at a time that will make the process easier and more enjoyable
  • You will learn to become less distracted and more focused on the vision you will create

Let me help you redesign your life

Whether you’re craving support, encouragement, guidance, clarity, expertise, a fresh perspective or just someone who believes in you

Why might you choose a creativity coach?

So why would you choose a creativity coach over, say, a life coach, a business coach, or even just a therapist? Because creativity is the best tool you can have in your toolbox when it comes to creating a happy fulfilled life. Knowing how to access and use your creativity will serve you in every area of your life, for as long as you put it into practice. This is about you doing it, and gaining the creative confidence you need to achieve. Creative coaching isn’t just about solving a specific problem, but about empowering you to solve every problem. We won’t be going deep into psychoanalysing your past, more so acknowledging it and giving it some space to breathe. My primary focus is about instilling hope and positive, creative energy to your future. It's about intuitively tuning into the now of what your soul is asking of you. If you can learn to tap into your creativity, it can benefit every area of your life.

You are in control of your journey

You choose how many sessions you need to find your path:

Discovery Call

20 minutes


Introductory Call

90 - 120 Minutes



1 Session

60 Minutes


Follow up

45 Minutes


So there have been hurdles and walls to climb as to be expected, but I’ve had this really grinding force of focus that I just didn’t have before. And, Rob, as an accountability partner. He emphasises that all of these goals are decisions for me to make. He’s not doing that work, it’s for me to do, but he certainly keeps me on my toes. And it’s utterly heart centred, and nature connected and fun loving with it all, and encourages me to allow myself to dream big and to then take little steps every day in order to make those dreams become realities. Step by step, breath by breath because breath is everything, an alignment is all looking forward to the next few weeks of working with Rob.