What does magic sound like?

Release date: 14.12.2019

Chapter 4

An eclectic track

An eclectic track that sits as one of my crowning favourites, this time round this creative fusion is a blend of thought provoking ideas with haunting, enchanting vocals intertwined with magical, hypnotic beats. Have a listen, perhaps get enchanted or let the magic take you over and pull your body into the rhythmic flow.

The 4th Chapter

We’re now starting to get to the heart of the magic. Here I’ll share with you what you can expect in this chapter; the shocking turns, the surprises and awakenings, and the magical universe wonders that started it all.  

Loss, Truths & Awakenings

The biggest turning point in my life, here I share on the start of it all. The deep loss that turned out to be a different kind of rebirth that set me out into the unchartered, mystical waters of the universe, that I’m still discovering and uncovering greater depths of.   

It’s interesting how the universe can incessantly make its presence and messages known to you. This second part, now ventures into the grand shift that then arose in my life where an uncanny series of shocking ‘coincidences’ begun to arise that shook up my perception of reality as I knew it. 

Hear from the magician himself as he walks his two lovely nieces through the thinking and the magic behind the track. Here he shares on the inspiration and the deeper meaning behind it all, and the magic that brought it all together.