With Dr Marcia Nathia Balkissoon

This is my first interview with Dr Marcia Nathia Balkissoon as part of her change maker series. I really enjoyed this experience and hope you find something in their of value.

You can access the interview here on Facebook.

We dip into some of the following areas;

– How my journey has led to the creation of Soul Sync
– Navigating the challenges of ADHD and mental health
– Producing music with Hyperacusis
– Reframing limitations allowing for Flow and Creativity
– Turning passion into purpose
– Managing fear to allow more intuition



About Rob Anthony

A  Norse Sea Farer, Cambridge Candle Maker, Self Suppressed Poet, Who buried his treasure Or so I’ve been told….

But that was then and this now!

 Guided by a series of synchronicities, I made a daring leap in 2018, giving up a steady paycheck from marketing in the corporate world,

to explore something completely different where my soul felt called.

I have developed a keen interest in Depth Psychology with a desire to understand the trans personal experiences that happen to me. And within this at its core is a calling from within and beyond the veil. I feel compelled to make a difference in this world, through creative means which has spurred the unfolding and exploration of my expression through ‘Soul Sync’.