2020 Reflections & Peek into 2021

January 10, 2021
by RobHough

Hello Everybody and Welcoming those new to Soul Sync

It’s been a while…I hope I find you well despite everything that is going on. 
It’s hard to believe how much the world has changed since my last update back in February. It’s a challenging time for many and my heart goes out to anyone who is struggling. 

2020 was a wild ride for me, sometimes scary, but a truly life affirming experience in many respects but mostly in the observing of what is being played out on the big screen. 

Covid has brought the cracks of society to light in a way we have not seen before and this dystopian world has never been more present from my perspective. The sense making required to bring more balance will be seismic!

As a result though, I really feel these times have never been so rich with potential and opportunity, a chance for something better to be born within us and collectively.

Throughout the ages people have stood up against adversity, overcome and triumphed against the odds. Hardship can bring out the best in us. I’m hopeful that if we make the right choices, show up and do the work, this can become a positive turning point for humanity.

What’s happening with Soul Sync?

I have been keeping a low radar for sometime now. Many times I had the intention to update you, but each time I came up against some form of resistance.

Finally… the lid has come off this pressure cooker and I got on Facebook yesterday to do a live video breaking the back of a long overdue communication, speaking about why the project has paused and a peek into what is coming down the line. You can access the recording if you are curious here.

The truth is though, (and I use the word ‘truth’ very loosely as I’m still processing much of what has happened)… 

A year has gone by and I have very little to show for it in terms of moving forward with the project (Story and Album) in the current format that I had initially set out to achieve. Due to a whole host of reasons which I get into a little on my Facebook live, the predominant one is my Hyperacusis hearing condition which has not improved as much as I had hoped. 

While difficult to accept at times, I’ve surrendered to this as gracefully as possible, going with the flow of life, working as best I can within these limits, with a sense of knowing that there is something greater to come from this process of trust and surrender.

But it hasn’t been gloom, actually far from it. Despite Covid, I’ve had another exuberant year full of growth, love, laughter and adventure… , which led to me making a big move from the city to the countryside, now nested in the luscious garden county of Ireland. Having planted this seed sometime ago, this was the year I felt most called to nourish the needs of my soul and I’m very grateful of what nature has provided. ​ 

And finally… got the new website up and running.

2021 – New Year, New Energy and a New Website

Soul Sync is evolving into something that is more sustainable and simpler from the perspective of publishing content and my creations more quickly. The new website is more user friendly so you can navigate your way round more easily. However, there are still a few functionality issues we are working through on the story portal, so bare with us for another week.

One of my intentions this year is to improve my creative writing skills thus publishing on a variety of topics related to Soul Sync around Creativity, Flow States, Intuition, Psychology, Synchronicity and Mental Health to name but a few. 

Introducing Creative Flow Coaching 

Much of 2020 was spent upskilling, educating and doing volunteer work which has contributed greatly towards improving my confidence around my coaching and teaching. And I’m very excited to announce… I am stepping into the world of Creativity and Flow Coaching this year. I’m currently laying down the foundations of my practice where I’ll be offering One to One Coaching and Online Courses in 2021. 

Whilst still in training I am looking to build up my hours of experience by taking on a small number of clients for now, who wish to discover or recover their creative potential, develop their soul expression or simply find more flow in their life. 

If you are looking for a coach who can support, inspire and help guide you on your journey to living a more creative life in flow with your true nature, then I might be that guy. If this sounds appealing and you are looking to get your year off to a positive start, then I’d love to hear from you. 

Head over to the ‘Working Together’ section of my website to learn a little more.

What’s coming up…

I’m excited to announce a couple of events which have bubbled up in the past few days.

  1. Change Makers Interview Series with Dr. Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon

What? This will be my first interview live where I’ll be discussing how I’m building my life as music producer and coach while navigating the challenges of ADHD.When? Wednesday the 13th at 12 noon GMT.Where? This will be streamed on Zoom. Event details here

2. Rise with Resilience 2021 – Live Performance

What? This will be my 1st long overdue exploration into performing spoken word and story over electronic music. 

When? Saturday the 16th at 21.00 GMT.

Where? Facebook or Youtube – Still to be confirmed. I will update later in the week and link to this on the site.

And finally I wanted to share with you a few new productions that all in some form speak to what is currently happening out there and within….



Rise was written almost 6 months ago now, which is inspired by current events and my perception on what’s happening behind the veil. 

This is a spoken word piece over some electronic ambient music I produced earlier this year.


The Story of Anima

This is my first exploration into telling a story through the power of myth. Synchronicity has brought the importance of Forgiveness to my attention time and time again. See how it unfolds! 


Kill the Cancer

And finally, if you feel like a little dance this evening, this might put a bit of pep in your step. A deep, dark, quirky electronic smorgasbord of sound, voice, rhythm & mystery. Take from it what you will. 

Music Video in production which is shaping up to be something special!

That’s it for now…If you are not already subscribed to my mailing list where I send out occasional updates on Soul Sync happenings you can do so in the form in the footer of the website.

I do wish you all the very best in health, happiness and creativity for 2021!

Stay safe… but don’t play it too safe…… Life is to be lived…FULLY! 



“Creativity occurs in the moment, and in the moment we are timeless.” “Progress, not perfection, is what we should be asking of ourselves.” “Art is born in attention.” “We’ve all heard that the unexamined life is not worth living, but consider too that the unlived life is not worth examining.”
Julia Cameron – The Artist’s Way

Also, if you know anybody that might benefit from creativity coaching with me I’d be very grateful if you could forward them on this message. Many Thanks

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