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What I do



Discover your life purpose or find more flow with your creative work, through my holistic coaching that will help you achieve your inner most desires.



Take a peek into our rising-consciousness experiences and be a part of the next magical journey.



Have a listen to this fusion of music, art, spoken word and magic that all came together through a series of synchronicities and magical collaborations.

Why work with me

I understand that finding someone you can trust with your creative and/or life struggles can be difficult, I’ve been there. It can feel like a vulnerable position to put yourself in. My clients reach out to me when they need non-judgemental support and guidance from someone friendly and compassionate.

They’re going through a health, relationship or career change or they’re coping with the death of a loved one and they need a change of perspective, they need to find meaning and a direction in their life.

They’ve tried self-motivation techniques or read self-help books but didn’t feel fulfilled nor did they find a resolution to their impasse.

I have been engaged in the coaching process for a couple of years now so I’m in a position to relate. I understand it might be daunting initially for some but it doesn’t have to be. Take the first step and book a free consultation. We can have a quick chat to see if you’re ready for private coaching and if I’m the right person to help you with your needs. I promise you will feel at ease and will have taken that first step with nothing to lose.

Lets Discover Together

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Guiding you on your path to

Gain Greater Clarity

around your purpose and passions in life

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you to stay Committed and Accountable

Thanks to the work with Rob, I have, first of all, figured out how to get into the flow state in a more organized fashion and I know what to do to stay there and I can stay there for much, much longer periods.
And it is in that flow state where real work gets done effectively and quickly without any stress or concerns.
Rob comes with such a heart-centered place. He will encourage you to delve deeper than you ever have before and to find these untapped wells of creativity and knowledge inside of you that you can use to build and to create whatever it is that you feel that your passion and purpose are bringing you towards in this lifetime.
Trust that you have this gold within you and it’s just a matter to work with somebody like Rob, who is so gifted, and so prepared, and has such a wealth of knowledge, destined to be shared with people who want to go deeper and want to connect with their passion and their purpose.


Discovery Call

20 minutes


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90 - 120 Minutes



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60 Minutes


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45 Minutes